Police Officer Austin Lewis: Bear Creek, Alabama Anti-LGBT+ White Nationalist and Racist


In the wake of police killing George Floyd followed very closely by police killing Breonna Taylor and Rayshard Brooks, there have been massive riots and protests across the world in support of Black Lives Matter and anti-police brutality, and even talk of defunding the police and their ultimate abolishment. This moment of civil unrest is historically significant, perhaps the biggest since the civil rights movement. In a very short period of time, having started May 26, the movement has already gotten a significant number of Confederate statues taken down, gotten mainstream brands to back Black Lives Matter, has sparked national conversations about police brutality and their defunding, gotten murdering police catching charges, and has even established an autonomous zone. The struggle against institutionalized white supremacy and the wholesale murder of black lives is ongoing.

Those in the streets fighting for justice are being faced with State tactics to delegitimize them and ultimately put legitimacy and power back into the hands of the State. We’ve already heard arguments from Trump and others of the “good and bad protestor,” outside agitators, the demonizing of anarchists, “ANTIFA” conspiracy theories, and even the blatant use of Nazi Germany symbols to target leftists.

It is with this backdrop that we are exposing a local police officer, Austin Lewis of Bear Creek, Alabama, who shares racist posts on social media, has his online friends promote murder against black people, flashes the white supremacist “OK” hand sign, shares media promoting neo-fascist groups like Patriot Prayer and III Percenters, and spreads hateful anti-LGBT+ sentiment.

This repulsive behavior from a police officer comes as no surprise to us. They are frequently found out to also be members of far-right hate groups. However, it is our intention that with this exposé, under the momentum of our current civil unrest and struggles for justice, we will galvanize those in our community–citizens and so-called “authorities” alike–to take action and remove a hateful member in a position of authority.

This person puts black people and people of other marginalized communities in danger. We can’t expect a policeman who harbors racism and promotes neo-fascist groups to do right beside the vulnerable in our community who are already at risk of violence.

Racist Social Media Posts and Calls for Violence

Austin Lewis is a Bear Creek, Alabama police officer in the K9 unit.

Austin doesn’t like all these riots and protests going on all over the country. Of the protestors, who are made up of black people seeking justice in their communities, he asserts that they “don’t do a thing to better themselves but want everyone to feel sorry for them.” He says that when a white man gets killed, nothing happens. But don’t worry, he assures us that he’s not racist! He demonstrates this by “liking” a comment saying that protesters ought to be flung to the ground for “disrespecting” the national guard. As we’ll see, he’s also friends on Facebook with racist locals who call for violence and police brutality.

Here, he shares a Facebook meme stating that a statue of Obama, the first black president of the United States, is offensive and asks whether or not we can tear it down.

He is seen here sharing another meme that says black protestors are destroying America–mind you, black protestors who are standing up against racist police who continue to murder black people hitherto with impunity, and the only reason that cops have taken charges recently is directly due to these protests.

These memes are intentionally designed to divide by racial lines and to spread illegitimacy about violent demonstrations. Peaceful protests have been carried out again and again, and each time the protestors were equally dismissed (or the peaceful protests weren’t reported on at all). How do you get justice when any tactic you use is a zero-sum?

Due to these mass protests, a wide sweep of removing racist content has taken place with brands and media. For instance, some TV shows and movies are getting canceled or shelved indefinitely for racism or glorifying the police. Here, Austin expresses outrage over the show Paw Patrol being proposed for cancellation, followed by some of his Facebook friends calling for times to go back to the era of Western movies where people were “shot in the streets and hanged,” so that the people cancelling racist media would get “thinned out.”

In another post, he shares thin blue line propaganda that clearly demonstrates the outright fascism that so-called law enforcement upholds. It essentially says that no matter how arbitrary, racist, or equally immoral a law is, that police will uphold it, even if that law was designed to persecute racial minorities, even to the extent that the officer will use violence or murder to enforce that racist law.

Here he shares a video that glorifies militarized police and police brutality. In another post, he shares a video showing violent neo-Nazis of the hate groups Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer in Portland, Oregon starting a street brawl with antifascists. The brawl happened in July 2018. You can verify by looking at the environment in the post compared to other videos of the brawl.

The Proud Boys are a neo-fascist street gang and SPLC designated hate group that glorifies violence against antifascists and marginalized groups. Their members gain ranks by getting in fights. They were started by neo-Nazi Gavin McInnes and have since faced charges for assault. For instance, in 2018 when they assaulted antifascists after their founder Gavin McInnes had an appearance at the Metropolitan Republican Club. One violent member in particular, Tusitala “Tiny” Toese, has faced numerous arrests and charges for violence. He’s a member of both groups Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer.

Patriot Prayer is a prominent neo-Nazi group in Portland fronted by white nationalist Joey Gibson. Patriot Prayer has had a neo-Nazi member who killed two people in a train after targeting women of color with a racist rant. He recently was convicted and found guilty on all charges and now faces life in prison. We’ve included links showing excellent coverage of Joey and Patriot Prayer by Rose City Antifa; be sure to check them out.

But Austin doesn’t stop there glorifying violence by neo-Nazi hate groups. He also seems to be a fan of the far-right militia and conspiracy theorist group III Percenters, and is seen showing the appropriated fascist white power “okay” hand sign.

III Percenters often provide security for other neo-Nazi groups. They provided security at the neo-Nazi rally Unite the Right in 2017. They’re associated with members planting bombs to trigger a race war. The Christchurch shooter flashed the “okay” symbol in his court hearing.

Austin has displayed the symbol on other posts as well.

And he seems to be just fine with police brutality and murderous police.

In a post about black comedian Jermaine “Funnymaine” Johnson, who was recently charged with inciting a riot in Birmingham, Alabama for talk about tearing down Confederate monuments, Austin calls Funnymaine a “low life” and says that he deserves punishment. His Facebook friends can also be seen chiming in with racist and tone-deaf comments. Austin is in stern opposition to the removal of white supremacist Confederate monuments.

From the AL article:

Johnson was one of the speakers at a peaceful protest in Kelly Ingram Park. “We’ve got a lot of cities around the country. They’re tearing down Target. They’re tearing down city hall. We can’t do that. We gotta protect our city,” Johnson said to the crowd of hundreds.

“We can’t tear down 16th Street Baptist Church. We can’t tear down the civil rights museum. We can’t tear down Carver. We can’t tear down A.G. Gaston Plaza. But what I’m not telling you to do is walk to Linn Park. I’m not telling [you] to walk to Linn Park after this rally. I’m not telling you to tear something down in Linn Park. I’m not telling you that I’m going to be over there after this rally,” he said.

Linn Park is home to the 115-year-old Confederate Soldiers and Sailors monument and has been a heated topic in the city. The article goes on:

At Linn Park the night before the removal, after a protesters’ efforts failed to remove the statue, Johnson told the crowd gathered there that Woodfin had asked for 24 hours to get the monuments removed.

Johnson was met with some resistance as protesters wanted to move forward with the destruction. Demonstrators did chip away at the monument and spray-painted words on it before attempts to topple to tall obelisk failed.

Johnson, who earlier had suggested to a crowd that the monument should be removed, told the crowd later that night that the mayor and his team deserved that time to get it done legally but he finished by saying, “But if that shit ain’t down by Tuesday morning, I will see you here at 12 Tuesday.”

The Birmingham mayor ultimately kept his promise to remove the monument.

Particularly in response to recent Black Lives Matter actions, Austin has posted racist drivel and his Facebook friends reinforce his racism. He hasn’t taken any action condemning their racist calls for violence. This includes one particular comment made by one of his friends making a reference to “helicopter rides.” The helicopter rides meme is passed around a lot in neo-Nazi circles. It references extra judicial murder of political activists by fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet. Neo-fascist groups like Proud Boys and Anti-Communist Action are frequently seen displaying clothing and memes depicting the phrase and others like “Pinochet Did Nothing Wrong.” We can also see his friends calling for militarized police states and martial law.

Austin is also homophobic, transphobic, and generally anti-LGBT+. He’s shared a lot of hateful and outright bigoted posts on social media targeting people of LGBT+ communities. But his disgusting and hateful rhetoric isn’t a new thing. We’ve found disgusting posts going back over a year and, there too, his fellow racist and bigoted friends bolster his bigotry. In these older posts you can also see that he isn’t shy about sharing content from fascist-lite pages like Liberty Hangout and content from its founder Kaitlyn Bennett. Here are some highlights.

There’s an old saying that cops and klan go hand-in-hand. The police are a fascist arm of a fascist State. They are meant to uphold white supremacy and protect the produce of capitalism. They uphold and are subservient to a white supremacist system that profits from that white supremacy and oppression and values profit over lives. It’s no coincidence that cops are frequently shown to be white supremacists who are members of neo-fascist groups.

And we damn well can’t expect racist and fascist cops like Austin Lewis to protect our communities, especially when those cops are racists, especially when members of our communities are black and people of color and members of vulnerable communities, such as LGBT+ people. We’ve been shown time and time again that these cops actively target these people and frequently result in violence and murder.

We demand that this violent, racist, and bigoted white supremacist cop be fired immediately. He’s a very real and imminent threat to our black, PoC, and LGBT+ community.

Fascist Jarred Sallas of Huntsville, Alabama

We would like to remind you that the reason we release these articles is for self-defense against violent and bigoted people in our communities, be they violent neo-Nazis and racists or sexual abusers. By releasing this information we’re allowing the public to be able to be aware of potential danger and its location. The majority of people we expose actively seek out violence and we aim to stop that from happening.

There’s no such thing as a fascist that’s too small to expose because 1. being one is inherently violent and 2. their end goal is genocide.

Contact details:
Jarred Sallas is 25 and lives at 2204 Hill St NW
Huntsville, AL 35810-4435.

Jarred Sallas works at DCS Electronic. Contact them and let them know that they have a violent fascist working for them who openly talks about murdering people. Contact them here: Email: DCS@dcselectrichsv.com Phone: (256)-776-9336 Address: 147 Starlight Dr. Gurley, AL 35748

Here’s a script you can use when contacting his employer:

I am writing to inform you that one of your employees, Jarred Sallas of Huntsville, is a white supremacist who openly posts on his Facebook about murdering people and doing violence to his political enemies. He also posts, and likes pages, about neo-Nazi activities, racism, and misogynistic and anti-LGBT+ sentiment. He’s believed to be a danger to vulnerable people.
I learned about Jarred Sallas at haleyvilleara.blackblogs.org (editors note: for clarity, that’s Haleyville ARA).

Today, we’re releasing information on Huntsville, Alabama resident and violent, misogynist, transphobic, anti-communist fascist Jarred Sallas. On social media, he’s a bit of a crypto-fascist; meaning, he attempts to conceal his explicit fascism. This can take the form of couching anti-immigrant sentiment, anti-Semitism, and ethnonationalism in the imagery of memes or the rhetoric of conservative talking points. But it’s not hard to uncover his fascism if you’re familiar with alt-right rhetoric. It’s even easier when you take a look at his “likes” on social media, as he follows explicit fascist accounts like Anti-Communist Action and others revolving around the “redpill”–a white supremacist propaganda meme.

Obsession With Killing People

Jarred Sallas talks openly in public posts on Facebook about killing people, namely, his political opponents. In fact, he talks quite frequently about openly killing people. We found 16 posts where he fantasizes about killing those he dislikes, slaughtering people in a civil war that he hopes will happen, or killing anyone who disrespects the American flag. In one post, he talks about yelling hate out of a window, seemingly in an attempt to provoke one to violence in order to kill them. He says that the entire generation of millennials should have been drowned in a bathtub. He shares a post depicting a car running over a crowd of protestors. This particular meme was circulated widely by neo-fascists after Unite the Right in Charlottesville where a neo-Nazi ran his car into a crowd of people, killing one.

In another post, he says, “There’s [sic] certain people that you can kill throughout your life and she’s one of them.” referring to a speaker on Tucker Carlson’s show who’s talking about gender-neutral babies. In another post, he talks about committing child abuse seemingly against his hypothetical child by making them sleep in a tent in the back yard for “disrespecting parents.” In one post, showing how adept he is in ethical philosophy, he says, “There exists no good, only unrealized evil. I bring hope to the sinners and death to the people.” He calls Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “stupid” and says she’s “dying to have to have someone try to kill her.” In another post, he shares a meme about a zombie apocalypse that says white people can’t wait to go on a killing spree and not feel guilty. And in another, he shares a meme that says waterboarding is tactical baptism.

In yet another post that appears to contain lyrics to the song Wretched by Ghostmane, he says, among other things, “I’ll shoot an apple off your wifey’s head and miss and hit the bitch in the head.” The song itself talks about committing violence and genocide and anti-Semitism: “Mask on face. Weapons in my place. A hundred million bodies I’ma concentrate;” “Fuck around, participate in homicide. From sea to shining sea, a Christian holocaust. A pagan neo-Judaistic genocide;” “Lizard people all around me man.” “Lizard people” is an anti-Semitic slur that gets tossed around in conspiracy theorist circles and some of those in the alt-right use it as well.

Lastly, on the topic of killing, in a particularly disturbing post, he says in quotes, “‘I’m only dead cause [sic] you didn’t hear my cry for help.'” Well, we hear him loud and clear, and we hope that Jarred will get the help he needs before he acts on his murder fantasies and seriously harms someone (or himself). 

Jarred thinks waterboarding is “tactical baptism.”
Jarred openly advocating murder.

Jarred openly advocating running over protestors. This was a popular meme after the deadly 2017 Unite the Right rally.
Jarred thinks there are certain people you can kill throughout your life.
Child abuse.
Fantasizing about a civil war in America so Jarred can commit violence.
More fantasizing of civil war.
Jarred says he brings “death to the people.”
Jarred suggests that AOC should be murdered.
Jarred is quite obsessed with another civil war happening.
For Jarred, the penalty of destroying a piece of fabric is for him to beat the perpetrator to death.
Jarred would feel no remorse for going on a killing spree.
Lyrics to a Ghostmane song depicting misogyny and genocide.
A cry for help.

Transphobia, Racism, Misogyny

Jarred doesn’t think very highly of trans people. Anti-LGBT+ sentiment is very common in fascism. Neo-fascists and neo-Nazis see LGBT+ people as degenerate and they often spread bigoted memes depicting hateful sentiment and violence, and some even act on their impulses to violence. Fascists wish to restore society back to the atomic family era where gender roles were enforced and LGBT+ people were killed outright. Fascist “Reject Modernity” memes depict this worldview and they’re widely spread.

Jarred regularly posts racist and misogynist content. He makes it clear that he doesn’t care about women or their wellbeing and likes posts that level women down to being “whores;” in one post, he calls women “snakes.” He’s against feminism and likes anti-feminist pages and the misogynistic Men Going Their Own Way.

He also likes to spread around dishonest memes that seek to disinform others about antifascists and Black Lives Matter, comparing both to the KKK and claiming they’re communists. It’s true that some communists are a part of antifascist collectives, but not all antifascists are communists. “Antifa” (short for antifascist/antifascism) is a pan-radical left phenomenon that includes anarchists and other libertarian socialists (not to be confused with libertarianism). Black Lives Matter is a collective of black people that are standing up to police brutality, the murder of black folks by racist cops, and systematic, institutionalized racism. The KKK is a racist, fascist, white supremacist and Christian racialist movement who has a particularly violent and murderous history in the US. The klan is made up of neo-Nazis and they themselves are anti-communists. They marched at Unite the Right, and various fascist groups support them.

Anti-Communist Action, the Redpill, and Old-Time Fascism

There are only so many public posts on his two Facebook pages but luckily his “likes” are visible and we can learn quite a lot about his ideology. Aside from generic “shitposting” meme pages, he has liked a few explicitly fascist accounts like Anti-Communist Action, Captain Redpill, It’s OK To Be Right (which is a play on a fascist “it’s okay to be white” meme), and Spicy White Boy Memes.

As you know, Anti-Communist Action consists of fascist collectives around the US. They had a Discord account that got leaked by Unicorn Riot where they posted all kinds of violent and fascist posts. They were one of the groups behind the Unite the Right rally and helped to radicalize young white men. 

Taken from Unicorn Riot’s article on Anticom.

In the leaked Discord logs, members of Anticom posted pictures of themselves committing anti-Semitic acts of vandalism, and other posts depict members sharing around information on explosives. Some members even proposed making a backpack bomb terror plot against antifascists.

Taken from Unicorn Riot’s article on Anticom.

Taking a sampling of posts from the Anticom Facebook page we can see them glorifying political assassination, general violence, and transphobia–because all fascists come from the same reactionary tree.

“Boogaloo” is a coded word for overthrowing the government and starting a race war.
Hoppe is an “anarcho-capitalist” who wants to round up political enemies like LGBT+ people and immigrants, which is in line with fascism.

Taken from Unicorn Riot’s article on Anticom



Next on his “likes” list is Captain Redpill. “Redpill” is a reactionary meme passed around by neo-fascists. It refers to the film The Matrix where Neo takes the red pill and is able to see reality how it actually is. The “redpill” serves the same function in fascist circles: “redpilling” is the making of memes and arguments that serve as propaganda devised to radicalize those receptive into fascist circles. Posts here include anti-Semitism and transphobia.

Racist, anti-immigrant meme referring to more rigid fascists bemoaning alt-lite conservatives who are pro-legal immigration. It calls migrants and immigrants “diseases.” The “vaccine” is a border wall.
Racist meme that depicts Edward Norton’s neo-Nazi character in the movie American History X.
“Globalism” is an anti-Semitic coded word for Jews.
Hateful and transphobic sentiment.

“Ironic” anti-Semitic meme depicting the “God” Facebook account as being run by Jews.

Next is the page It’s Ok To Be Right. Notice the helicopter meme, misogyny, and the redpill photo. The name of the page is a play on the words “it’s okay to be white” which is a fascist meme advocating for a white identity and white supremacy.

Another meme about fascist dictator Pinochet throwing political enemies out of helicopters.
The so-called “redpill.”
Another meme about a race war.
Misogynistic screencap with Molyneoux, a crypto-fascist popular on Twitter and Youtube.
Images of the Knights Templar and the Crusades have also been appropriated by fascists to support Christo-fascism. This one refers to the “boogaloo.”
Anti-LGBT+ meme with Pepe.
“Igloo” here is play on the word “boogaloo” which has been appropriated by fascists to mean an overthrowing of the government and starting a race war.
A racist Stonetoss comic. Stonetoss is a collection of racist and bigoted images.
A person painted up as Pepe the frog, a meme appropriated by fascists.

Lastly, here’s some racist posts from the page Spicy White Boy Memes.

Antifascism is Self-Defense!

This sort of content is the typical stuff that you’d run across being posted by the alt-right and other neo-fascists. The leaked Discord chats by Unicorn Riot shows this exact same content being shared in the private chats of groups like Identity Evropa and Patriot Front.

Jarred seems to be obsessed with posting about violence and murder on social media and spreading around hatred and bigotry of vulnerable and marginalized groups. We’ve seen people just like this in 2019 who’ve posted the exact same rhetoric who went on to commit mass shootings.

We do this work in proactive self-defense in the aim to prevent things like this from happening and to educate the public on potential threats and dangerous people. Keep in mind that these are all fascist, misogynistic, and anti-LGBT+ pages that Jarred has liked out of his own free will. Both Jarred, through the posts he’s made and the pages he’s liked, advocate for violence. If you’re in Huntsville, be on the lookout.

Iron March Leaks: William Strom Spigner of Rainsville, Alabama

The images in this article have been deleted to make more room for media data. See this archive to view all images.

In light of the recent Iron March leaks, today we’re going forward with our second exposé. This piece is a tricky and poignant one, as this Iron March user was 17 years old at the time of his posting. It’s quite sad to see young people in general being radicalized into fascism, but this user’s age, William Strom Spigner, 17 years old in 2017, of Rainsville, Alabama, makes this installment all the more bleak. Given his young age, we’re not going post addresses or phone numbers, only pictures of him that were already public. William Strom Spigner, about 19 today, graduated this year from Plainview High School. There, he was involved in the school’s football team, the Plainview Bears. Let’s take a look at what he had to say on Iron March.

Anti-Semitism, Homophobia, Racism, and Fascism

He gives us his real name, William, and states that he’s 17 at the time of his posting, October 17th, 2017. He also states that he’s living in Alabama. He describes himself as a National Socialist and expresses his hatred of Jews and people of color. At such a young age, he’s full of zeal about his politics and he’s managed to radicalize his girlfriend and close friends into fascism. His main reason for joining Iron March is to seek out others with likeminded fascist interests, and he states, “the day we reconstruct, I’m going to be there, with my unfaltering support and assistance.” Giving his opinion on “homos” he says they’re “disgusting, unnatural, they should drug [sic] through the streets and stoned [sic] to death at the town square.” Notice he explicitly states “Blood and Soil.” He concludes with “1488,” which is code for “the 14 words” and “Heil Hitler.”

In another message, William gives us some handy stats which helped a lot in confirming his identity. He says that National Socialism is something of a tradition in his family, as his great grandfather was a Nazi. He says that Nazism is “such a powerful belief,” one of a “better, more pure world.”

In other messages, he seems to say that his great grandfather was basic infantry and that he’ll always be proud to have “such a great man in my family tree.” Again, we can see his anti-Semitism.

Confirming the Identity of William Strom Spigner

William gave us some key information that lead us straight to him. First, he gave us his name, location, and his email: William, stromspigner@gmail.com, of Alabama. Searching for this, we come to his MaxPreps and Hudl profiles. They echo the stats he gave in his posts as well as additional information such as his jersey number, 71, the school he attended, Plainview High School, and the date he graduated, 2019. We also get a Twitter account that’s associated with him. It seems to have been scrubbed but in searching his username on Twitter and Google we can see some of his older posts.

Searching for keywords like “Alabama” and “Spigner,” we come across an obituary for a person named Shawn Spigner, his mother. We know Shawn was his mother because the obituary says she’s survived by a son named William Strom Charlton Spigner. We found Shawn’s Facebook and a “Like” from her on an athlete page named “Strom Spigner,” and she lists him as a son.

We were lead to his high school’s Twitter account where they posted a picture of the team and you can see William from the back in his jersey.

We got the link to his Twitter earlier with his name as his URL. He uses “Top Kek” as his Twitter name; “Kek” being a popular meme in fascist circles that appropriates the frog character “Pepe.” He follows a fascist account.

Finally, his high school posted a picture of him donating blood where they call him a hero for saving a life. If they were only aware of his hateful and fascist ideology.

Iron March Leaks: Charles Matthew Halliday of Mobile Alabama, Atomwaffen Division Chapter Leader of Alabama

The images in this article have been deleted to make more room for media data. See this archive to view all images.

Recently, there was a massive leak of posts from neo-fascist website Iron March. The leak contains approximately 200,000 posts and 22,000 private messages made by 1,200 users from 2011 to 2017. It also includes email and IP addresses that can be traced to users who posted on the site. As with other leaked chats, such as those made public by Unicorn Riot, the Iron March posts are a cesspool of neo-fascist, neo-Nazi hate containing vehement anti-Semitism, racism, anti-LGBT+ sentiment, and murderous intent. Jewish antifascists from Jewish Worker has put up a very handy website containing the leaked posts, from which we’ve gathered intelligence and are publishing our findings. Additionally, Panic! in the Discord has put up a blog specifically about identifying users who posted on Iron March. If you have any info, be sure to email them: panicinthediscord@riseup.net. And, lastly, Long Beach Antifa has put up a database dump by timezone.

Atomwaffen Chapter Leader of Alabama, Charles Matthew Halliday, AKA “Golgoth”

Neo-fascist website Iron March was a space where violent and murderous neo-Nazis met to discuss fascism and Nazism. It was also the space where neo-Nazi terror group Atomwaffen Division originally organized, and many users there were members of the group, which has at least 5 murders under its belt. Iron March user “Golgoth” or Charles Matthew Halliday of Mobile, Alabama posted a number of chats there and in one, he discloses that he’s the chapter leader of Atomwaffen in Alabama.

Charles has a lot to say about his fascist ideology, complete with racial slurs and hatred of gays, black people, and Jewish people. He states several times that he’s from Mobile, Alabama and that he was attending university, namely, University of South Alabama in pursuit of a Masters in Information Systems.

Charles is very anti-Semitic and he thinks that people of a different color than him are “animals in the guise of humans.” He refers to the Holocaust as “muh six million.” Also, he states his disdain for the Swedes and that they “will be judged when their cucked souls will burn in the fires of perdition.” He also states that in a game he was playing he was elected emporer and kicked off his reign by “banishing the Jews from the realm.” He states that all dangerous things come from Africa. Possibly in reference to the Slavs, he says that it’s up to the death squads to finish them. He even references the Blood and Soil policies of Nazi Germany by saying that “a farmer is always welcome due to blood and soil and all that.”

He states here that he’s a member of the University of South Alabama and he seems to have had contact with “Zeiger,” a prominent neo-Nazi on the site The Daily Stormer, Gabriel Sohier Chaput.

Charles states that it’s thanks to the site Iron March that he was able to connect with other neo-Nazis outside of the hate site Stormfront, and he posts about eugenics.

ISIS is a fascist-adjacent group and a number of neo-Nazis, including Charles, have respect and admiration for them.

Charles respects other violent neo-Nazi groups such as the Golden Dawn in Greece, and he has praised Hindu nationalism. He also seems to be proud of the fact that his ancestors owned slaves and he states his hatred of mixing races. In one post where he laments his history professor’s teaching on the slave trade, he states that African society was and still is tribal. In some of his early posts on Iron March, he states that he’s a believer in fascism and that he wants to get a better understanding of it, which he believes the site can provide. Charles also seems to be a fan of the late neo-Nazi Charles Manson.

Charles also likes to watch various documentaries on Nazi Germany and he shows his admiration for the Nazi regime, as well as posting again that he’s from Alabama.

Confirming the Identity of “Golgoth,” Charles Matthew Halliday

We get his name from the start, as he listed his email address as charleshalliday1@hotmail.com. In searching Facebook, we come across an account with that name. In the posts, Charles states he was pursuing a Bachelors at the Univerisity of South Alabama and was going to pursue a Masters in information systems. The Facebook account both confirms the name and the evidence of attending college there.

Charles Matthew Halliday was 19 at the time he discovered Iron March. Now, he’s around 25. Further evidence he attended USA can be found here with a list of people who attained a Bachelor of science. Use CTRL F and search “Halliday.” He’s stated pursuing a Masters next. Concerned residents of having a violent neo-Nazi in their town and school are urged to contact the University of South Alabama and tell them they have a neo-Nazi in attendance who’s part of a group with 5 murders under its belt. Main Campus: (251) 460-6101; email: safetyandenv@southalabama.edu.

Neo-Nazi Dakota Estes of Tuscaloosa, Alabama

The images in this article have been deleted to make more room for media data. See this archive to view all images.

Today, we’ve identified local neo-Nazi Dakota Estes of Tuscaloosa. Dakota has ties to fascists in Ukraine and is into the neo-Nazi black metal scene, sporting gear of such bands as Burzum and Kommando Peste Noir. He’s been seen in public sporting Nazi symbols in some fast-food restaurants. Dakota seems particularly bold in wearing neo-Nazi hate symbols in public. We hope that’s about to change.

As a reminder, we post these exposés as proactive self-defense against fascists and local rapists so the public can be informed of local hateful and violent individuals.

Dakota states on social media that he’s a resident of Tuscaloosa. Dakota’s last known address is 16429 Highway 18 Vernon, AL 35592-3317.

Jasper, Alabama Neo-Nazi Tattoo Artists Clint Chappell and Brian Waid of Expert Ink

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Expert Ink Tattoos and Piercings is a family-owned-and-operated tattoo shop in Jasper, Alabama. It’s currently owned by Tammy and Leonard Moore. Their daughter, Nicole Waid, handles piercings along with her husband, Brian Waid. Brian, along with Clint Chappell, also handles tattoo work. As we’ll be showing here, Brian and Clint have some questionable and outright neo-fascist and neo-Nazi views: Brian has shown on social media that he’s involved in the Asatru community and has liked a page devoted to Wotanism, an explicitly racist form of Odinism (as promulgated by racist David Lane, “Wotan” can stand for “Will Of The Aryan Nation.”); Clint has shown on social media that he’s involved in the alt-right, is a neo-fascist/neo-Nazi, supported Jasper police officers who were suspended due to flashing the fascist-appropriated “OK” hand sign, has a small arsenal of guns, and partakes in racist and fascist internet meming. Let’s take a look at their social media.

Clint Chappell

Clint Chappell and Brian Wade both have publically supported racist Jasper, Alabama police officers who got suspended for displaying the white supremacist “OK” hand sign. The gesture was appropriated by fascists on the website 4chan (which has been linked to white supremacist radicalization and murder) to become a crypto-fascist symbol of hate. Clint and Brian can be seen making the racist symbol along with wearing shirts with the hashtag #FreeJPD. Clint also reveals that several of the officers are his personal friends. Clint particularly participates in racist and fascist meming and shitposting. He likes a plethora of these fascist meme and shitpost Facebook pages. He can be seen sporting a mask with a caption that reads “Weaponized Autism,” a bigoted way of categorizing violent and racist actions, particularly online. Predominantly, he posts mostly images of guns and scenes from movies depicting shootouts, something which he seems to be obsessed with. 

Viewing his “Likes” on Facebook reveals his violent and fascist beliefs. Just as before with his posts, the majority of his likes revolve around firearms and far-right shitposting pages. Memes such as the “Honk Honk” pepe can be seen. “Honk Honk” and “Honk Honkler” are neo-Nazi dogwhistles for the phrase “Heil Hitler.” Clint also likes the Southern fascist hate group, Identity Dixie.

Making more explicit Clint’s unironic fascism, he can be seen liking “Volk” Facebook pages. “Volk” being the German word for “people” and having a cultural and historical tie to Nazi Germany. He likes racist and crypto-fascist content from the white supremacist comic Stone Toss. He also likes the fascist streaming account Goy Talk, which hosts racist and anti-Semitic content and supports the creation of an ethnostate. He can be seen liking pages that support fascist conspiracy theories about so-called “white genocide” in South Africa. And quell all doubt that Clint’s a fascist, he can be seen liking a page with a picture of Mussolini called “Lazer-Beamed Memes With Fashy Themes.” He also likes a page called “Alt Right;” “alt-right” being a rebranded name of fascism with prominent proponents like ethnonationalist Richard Spencer. 

Clint has also created shitposting sock Facebook accounts, one called Roscoe Jenkins, where his profile picture has the words “crisis actor” and “gun owner” over a Star of David, and another iteration of the fascist-appropriated pepe meme. This is incendiary on two levels: 1., “crisis actor” furthers conspiracy theorist narratives that certain mass shootings are hoaxes, while 2., fascists like Clint wholeheartedly believe in the mass murder of non-whites and Jews, and his usage of the Star of David with the words “gun owner” is beyond hateful; it’s anti-Semitic and laughs in the face of targetting Jews.

Brian Wade

As we’ve said earlier, both Brian Wade and Clint Chappell have rallied in support of the racist cops who flashed the “OK” hand sign. Just as Clint, Brian is a fascist. On his “Likes” page, he has liked an explicitly fascist “Wotan” heathen page. “Wotan” is the explicit racistly spelled word for Odin. Heathenism and Paganism in themselves aren’t racist or fascist per se, and many in these communities are anti-racists and anti-fascists who call out fascists in their community. However, Wotanism is an explicitly racist and fascist version of Odinism, and it can stand for “Will Of The Aryan Nation.” He’s also liked the alt-right figure Adam Calhoun.

Nazis at Expert Ink

Having neo-Nazis working as tattooers and piercers is a danger to the community. We can’t allow racists and fascists to infiltrate or creep into our spaces. Intolerance and hate aren’t welcome here. Given the recent mass shootings targetting non-whites and Jews, and the in-joke, “shitposting” nature of the manifestos left by these recent mass shooters on sites like 4chan and 8chan, the content shared here is clearly not a joke and is a direct incitement to violence. People like this shouldn’t be allowed to be in the tattooing and piercing community, let alone be employed in a tattoo and piercing parlor. 

Expert Ink Tattoos and Piercings is located at 155 Highway 78 W Jasper, Alabama. Their phone number is (205) 221-5769. We ask that people of conscious call and inquire about their Nazi employees and demand that they be fired.


Recognizing Fascist, Racist, and White Supremacist Recruiting on Campus

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In light of many recent mass shootings and political violence taking place in the streets and at political rallies, we’ve put together this flyer to be put up around campuses in the area so that students and faculty members can be informed about various hate groups organizing to promote violence and hate. All these groups are active either directly in our state or very close by. We’ve seen an upsurge in fascist recruiting on campuses throughout the US, most prominently by hate groups American Identity Movement (a rebrand of Identity Evropa) and Patriot Front (a rebrand of Vanguard America after being exposed participating in the deadly Unite the Right rally). This is intended to educate the public about these violent groups, some of which, such as American Identity Movement and Patriot Front, have been directly linked to terrorism, such as mass shootings and running a car into a crowd.

We call on antifascists and people of good conscience to put up this flyer, letting the community know of violent groups that may be recruiting on campuses. We stand to protect all targetted, vulnerable, and oppressed people by racists and fascists. Antifascism is self-defense.

PDF below:

Hate Groups on Campus pdf


David Hamby, Sexual Assaulter

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We Believe Survivors!

Our fundamental guiding principle is that we believe survivors. It’s incredibly important to listen to victims, the abused, and the oppressed in the age of Trump and Kavanaugh, where victim-blaming and rape culture are normalized. Our community is fighting back by exposing rapists and sexual abusers while defending victims. If you’re a rapist or sexual abuser and you live in our community, we’re coming for you.

Sexual Harassment and Assault

Meet David Hamby. David is 52 years old, is married to Jamie Hamby, and works at Kith Kitchens in Haleyville, Alabama and, while he’s working, he likes to sexually harass and assault his coworkers. His repulsive behavior includes making sexually explicit remarks toward younger women and even escalating to inappropriately, physically putting his hands on them. Further, David will put these younger women into vulnerable and sexual positions in the job place, making them feel unsafe.

This inappropriate, repugnant behavior has been formally reported to job supervisors and job authorities, however, they have taken no action, merely hand-waving the issue away by calling David’s behavior “a joke,” “no big deal,” and “nothing to get offended over.” Let’s be clear: sexually abusive behavior of any kind is oppressive, threatening, dangerous, and unequivocally disgusting, and by supervisors and other superiors taking no action is systematic protection of sexual abusers and systematic normalizing of rape culture.

We exist to protect victims and survivors and to expose violent sexual abusers, fascists, racists, and bigots of all stripes. We’re appalled and indignant about David’s behavior and Kith’s complicity in allowing sexual abuse to flourish. It’s clear that David is a danger to the community, so we’re releasing his doxx so that the public can be educated and be proactive in avoiding him for their safety.

David Hamby:
Current address: 235 Quarter Rd Hackleburg, AL 35564
Last known phone number: (205) 935-8556
Employment: Kith Kitchens; 280 North Industrial Loop Haleyville, Alabama
Kith Kitchens phone number: (205) 485-2261

On Fascism and the Designation of “Antifa” as a Domestic Terrorist Group

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Recently, there have been calls by prominent politicians to designate “antifa” a domestic terrorist organization–most recently by Trump. This comes after Senator Bill Cassidy’s (R-Louisiana) Senate Resolution 279 (S.Res. 279) introduced on July 18th, which was co-sponsored by Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas). On July 18th, Cruz made a series of tweets in which he specifically called “antifa” a “terrorist organization” made up of “radicals” who pursue their political ends indiscriminately through violence. In these tweets, he says, “[antifa’s] central purpose is to inflict harm on those who oppose their views.” On July 27th, Trump made a tweet that echoed this sentiment, saying, “Consideration is being given to declaring ANTIFA […] a major Organization of Terror.” In the wake of this, various antifascist collectives have issued statements condemning the State’s endeavor to criminalize antifascism.

On the whole, the attempt to demonize, stifle, and suppress antifascists from countering violent and deadly fascists and Nazis, and defending their communities, is nothing new. From violent repression against antifascists in Nazi Germany and fascist Italy to Francoist Spain, we are historically aware of the State’s desire to extinguish antifascist opposition. Outside of political forums, we can still see this today in the streets, where police have collaborated with fascists and other far-right groups and have targeted antifascists while allowing violent white supremacists to terrorize communities with violence and hateful speech.

Today, in response to these calls for the designation of “antifa” a terrorist organization, the many mass shootings by white supremacists, recent massive ICE raids, and in solidarity with antifascists in the US and globally, we are going to characterize fascism, destroy blatant falsehoods about antifa (shorthand for antifascism/antifascist), and issue a statement condemning criminalization of antifascism. #AntifaIsSelfDefense

Characterizing Fascism

So, what is fascism? Fascism is an ultra-nationalist, ethnonationalist (often referred to as white nationalism), ideology that seeks to purge ethnic and cultural minorities and members of the LGBT+ community and to bring about an all-white nation-state, which we call an ethnostate. It is a racist, misogynist, sexist, violent, and murderous ideology that romanticizes atomic family-era values and gender roles, where cisgender, heterosexual men have power, cisgender, heterosexual women are sexual objects without rights, and where transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people are killed, purged, or worse. As well, non-whites, Jews, and other “degenerates” are seen as political enemies in an elaborate conspiracy theory to carry out “white genocide” and to replace white culture, another conspiracy theory known as “the great replacement.”

Anti-Semitism is a hallmark of fascism, closely followed by ultra-racism, misogyny, and transphobia. Anti-Jewish sentiment plays a large role in fascism. To fascists, Jews are a bugaboo, a shadowy cabal that possesses all the power in society and uses that power to globally influence society and culture in ways that, as the conspiracy goes, spread anti-white sentiment to further white genocide and replace white, “Western” culture. We can see this in the recent Discord chat leaks by independent media Unicorn Riot, where members of fascist organizations such as Vanguard America (now called Patriot Front), Identity Evropa (now called American Identity Movement), Traditionalist Worker Party (now defunct), League of the South, and others posted a plethora of anti-Semitic messages depicting murder and explicitly conspiring to commit murder at 2017’s Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. 

In popular discourse, fascism is often attributed to being exclusively a far-right-wing ideology, citing groups like Patriot Prayer or Proud Boys as an example. Concurrently, fascism has also been attributed to being exclusively left-wing by people like Dinesh D’Souza, citing National Socialist Germany or Mussolini’s ideas of a working-class revolutionary. Nazi Germany particularly is talked about a great deal by people who conceptualize fascism as a left-wing phenomenon, with talking points highlighting the socialism in National Socialism. The truth is that fascism is malleable: it is an ultra-,ethnonationalist ideology that appropriates elements and trappings of the left; however, that does not mean that fascism is exclusively a left-wing phenomenon.

For instance, the National Socialism of Nazi Germany adopted leftist conceptions of the working-class into a Volksgemeinschaft, a “people’s community” but based on racial purity. National Socialism sought to redefine socialism with a nationalist twist as an alternative to Marxist socialism and free market capitalism. It incorporated leftist notions of a united working-class to envision a united pure German volk, or folk, rejected citizenship to Jews and to those of Jewish descent, and supported land reform and nationalization of industries. In fact, during the early 1920s, the German Worker’s Party was renamed to the National Socialist German Worker’s Party to attract workers away from left-wing parties like the Social Democrats and the communists.

What is more, the appropriation of leftist ideas does not end there, with neo-fascist ideologies coming into existence like Third Positionism and even Fourth Positionism that goes beyond the binary left-right political spectrum but borrows or combines leftist and rightist elements. 

But here is the kicker: fascism in all of its forms upholds inequality, elitism, and racial and social hierarchy–which inextricably links it to the right. It is wrong to say a historical political regime on the left was fascist, due to its lack of these principal traits. The terms authoritarian or even totalitarian would be more applicable. Fascism is always an elitist, ultra-nationalist, racist ethnonationalist ideology that upholds fundamental inequality based on racial and social hierarchy that is inextricably linked to the far-right–regardless of whether it uses “socialism” in its name or claims to be anti-capitalist or “revolutionary.”

Is Antifa a Terrorist Organization?

The answer is unequivocally no. The same applies to the question: “Is antifa fascist?” Antifascism is by definition anti-fascist. It is a blatant lie that antifascists 1. use indiscriminate violence against random people or anyone who opposes their views and 2. that they are “intolerant radicals pursuing an extreme agenda.”

A. Antifascists do not target people with violence; they expose racists and fascists to the public and they defend their communities against racist and fascist violence and murder–and that does include confronting these bigoted people at fascist rallies, such as Unite the Right, where these bigots have said they intend to do violence against vulnerable communities. Taking a stand against those with violent and genocidal ideology does not itself make one either a terrorist or a fascist. With this said, antifa is against domestic terrorism (which is largely or almost completely carried out by white supremacists) and antifascist activists have proactively tried to either prevent domestic terrorism by exposing violent white supremacists or stop domestic terrorists from committing terrorism, as per antifascists exposing adherents of murderous ideology.

B. Antifascism being by definition anti-fascist is intolerant of intolerance, anti-intolerance. Antifascists promote an egalitarian, non-hierarchal, that is, a horizontal society free of class and State where all are equal, equitable, regardless of one’s skin color, gender, sex, or anything else.

C. Antifa is not an organization and therefore, aside from the above, it would be patently absurd to designate antifa a domestic terrorist organization. Rather, there are different antifascist collectives in the US and globally that are decentralized and autonomous, meaning, leaderless and acting independently from each other with no central authority, although groups can come together in solidarity uniting for the same goals. This is a far cry from “a domestic terrorist organization” and if the Senate Resolution was passed, it would include anyone at all who is against fascism, not only those who dress in black and wear masks to remain anonymous. By the way, black bloc is a tactic and not an aesthetic that designates one as “antifa.”

Haleyville Antifa Statement on Criminalization of Antifascism

Haleyville Anti-Rapist/Anti-fascist Action is a group that researches, tracks, and exposes rapists and sexual abusers in our community and fascist, racist organizations and people both locally and nationwide. We have published articles documenting various abusers, members of fascist and racist groups, and these organizations themselves. We stand against these bigots and the State that protects them and lets them commit abuse and violence with impunity. We will not submit to a system that seeks to further white supremacy and abuse. We are here to protect our community from sexual abusers and violent fascists seeking to destroy vulnerable communities. Our values and aims are clear: we support a diverse society of all communities and we will defend all oppressed people against bigotry: the poor, the homeless, Black people and people of color, people of the LGBT+ community, Natives, migrants, immigrants, and refugees. 

We condemn any attempts to further white supremacy by the State via imposing criminalization of antifascism and antifascist actions. Antifascism is community self-defense against violence and oppression by fascists, the State, and the police who uphold the State’s absurd laws. ¡No pasarán

Important and pertinent links:



It’s Going Down

This Week in Fascism

Carbon Hill, Alabama Mayor Mark Chambers Wants to Kill Out LGBT+ People, Abortion Advocates, and Socialists

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Contact Info

Home address: 650 NE 12th Ave. Carbon Hill, AL 35549.

Earlier this month, Carbon Hill, Alabama mayor Mark Chambers made national headlines by posting inflammatory, incendiary Facebook posts on his personal account. He advocated for an outright genocide against, in his own words, homosexuals, transvestites, “baby killers,” and socialists. These comments of extreme bigotry, violence, and outright murder by Mark Chambers come amid a slew of similar statements made by other old, white conservatives and far right white supremacists in positions of power in Alabama.

Goodloe Sutton, a newspaper editor in Alabama, called for the return of the KKK and the lynching of Democrats. Mobile County Treasurer Phil Benson posted on Mobile County Republican Party Facebook page that, “Freaking queers have gotten too much sympathy,” regarding a National Review article. Alabama congressman, white supremacist, and anti-Semite Mo Brooks voted against an anti-racist measure because it protected Jews, people of color and LGBT+ individuals but not “Caucasians” or Christians. By now, everyone already knows about all-around racist, homophobe, and bigot Roy Moore who made national headlines for sexual abuse against a 14-year-old. The latest outburst by Mark Chambers shows the deep and ongoing racism and bigotry against vulnerable, marginalized, and oppressed people here in Alabama.

Advocate for Genocide

Mark Chambers first made a Facebook post (he has since deactivated his account) in early June saying, “We live in a society where homosexuals lecture us on morals, transvestites lecture us on human biology, baby killers lecture us on human rights and socialists lecture us on economics.” Someone responded to the post with a misplaced sense of victimization and called for a revolution, to which Chambers replied, “The only way to change it would be to kill the problem out. I know it’s bad to say but without killing them out there’s no way to fix it.”

When news of the controversy got out, Chambers initially denied making the comments but later changed his story, saying that the post was taken out of context because it was supposed to be a private message and not a public comment. One wonders in what context one would be justified in advocating genocide against innocent people. He then tried to justify his statement on genocide by saying he was responding to the comment on revolution, and that in one, “these people would be killed out.” Later, he made an official apology. This came after much condemnation and his words merely rang hollow, a pathetic attempt to save face while crying crocodile tears because his violent rhetoric caught up with him.

A large number of people, both in office and general residents, have called for Chambers to resign. This includes a person who was shot in the head and survived in a 1979 murder attempt from klansmen. Chambers has stated that he didn’t plan on resigning and that the Carbon Hill community largely supported him. And to demonstrate what a massive coward he is after being found out, in a council meeting after people demanded answers from him, he walked out.

There’s a petition going on sponsored by Hometown Action and Equality Alabama to get him to resign.

Danger to the Community

In light of shootings and violence committed by fascists and other white supremacists this year, people ought to take Chambers’ comments seriously. It’s even more concerning in light of his justifications for the comments because he plainly said that he thought he was posting a private message that wasn’t supposed to be visible by the public. That is to say, he was sharing a private and deeply held belief that LGBT+ people, abortion activists, and socialists should be killed outright. To reiterate, a mayor said this, someone with an important seat of power. It’s abundantly clear that his targets aren’t safe in this community. We’re releasing Chambers’ doxx in proactive self-defense to let the public know where a possible threat exists. 

Mark Chambers lives at 650 NE 12th Ave. Carbon Hill, AL 35549.