Violent Haleyville Rapist Dale Spain

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We Believe Survivors!

Our fundamental guiding principle is that we believe survivors. It’s incredibly important to listen to victims, the abused, and the oppressed in the age of Trump and Kavanaugh, where victim blaming and rape culture are normalized. Our community is fighting back by exposing rapists and sexual abusers while defending victims. If you’re a rapist or sexual abuser and you live in our community, we’re coming for you.

Dale Spain: Violent Rapist and Sexual Harasser

Dale Spain is a 58-year-old violent rapist who is currently living in Haleyville, Alabama. Dale’s hobbies include getting severely intoxicated and forcing himself onto defenseless women and raping them. But that’s not all. He also enjoys stalking his victims, showing up to their houses and harassing them, and following them to their workplaces and patrolling the premises, and he also likes to follow them home. On top of all this, he additionally likes to collect their phone numbers and call his victims throughout the day to assert his power over them and to make them feel weak, humiliated, and unsafe. Dale is entirely the type of cowardly person who likes for his victims to feel entirely powerless and helpless, making himself feel powerful.

Dale thinks that he is completely untouchable and that he can get away with sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape with impunity; but he’s about to find out that the local community will not tolerate his deplorable behavior and that we actively protect and defend our community against rapists and other abusers.

So, meet Dale Spain. Dale currently lives with his mother at this address: 64 Lake Shore Dr, Haleyville, AL 35565-6639. Dale has two phone numbers: his cell phone (205-269-0598) and landline (205-486-9339). And here is his Facebook profile. Dale is currently a General Manager at Premier Mantles Inc, headquartered in Florence, Alabama.  Their address is: 4270 Bryson Blvd, Florence, AL 35630. Their phone number is: (256) 767-0195. Call and tell them that a violent rapist is currently employed there and demand they fire him!

What Is Anti-Rapism and Who Is Haleyville Anti-Rapist Action?

Rapism is the belief that rape is morally acceptable and/or justifiable and that consent does not matter. It views the targets of rape, its victims, that is, usually cisgender women, as being not bodily autonomous and as being not a fully human agent. Rapism gives rise to rape culture. One of the characteristics of rapism is the transphobic exclusion of transgender people from their gender identity, for example, the prominent narrative heard in far-right spaces that says a trans woman is nothing more than a “man in a dress.” This is transphobia, and the argument is often supplemented by the conflation that trans people are themselves pedophiles, rapists, and sexual abusers. But what takes this further into rapism is the view that, in this trans exclusion, trans people deserve to be used, abused, and raped, and that they likewise are not fully human and have no bodily autonomy. This transphobic exclusion is prominent in trans-exclusionary radical feminists or what we call “TERFs.” Therefore, rapism is a violent and predatory ideology that negates and violates its targets’ personhood and it normalizes this behavior, which in turn, fosters a culture of rape.

Salient examples of people perpetrating this culture of rape include male supremacists Roosh V. and Mike Cernovich. (As a brief aside, watch this video on Pick Up Artistry which deals with Roosh and rape culture.)

As such, anti-rapism is against rapism and the culture of rape that it cultivates. Anti-rapism is guided by a fundamental principle that says “We believe survivors.” and it supports a culture of consent, bodily autonomy, and self-defense against physical abuse and toxic metaphysical views that view people as non-fully human agents who are deserving of rape. Anti-rapism is supportive of both cisgender and transgender victims of rape (who identify as male or female) as well as non-binary victims of rape (who don’t identify as either male or female or who identify as something else or in any combination).

Therefore, anti-rapist action consists of direct actions that aid victims and defend against abusers. Some such actions are tracking, keeping tabs on, and exposing rapists and sexual assaulters in local communities so the public can be aware of the abuser and take actions that ensure public safety. Anti-rapist action is squarely self-defense. Haleyville Anti-Rapist Action is a collective of anonymous and autonomous individuals that monitor and expose rapists and sexual abusers in their community.