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This is a local workingclass anti-fascist, anti-rapist collective, meaning we do activism on our own budget. All the work we do, we do for free. We don’t do this for compensation, fame, or clout. We do this work in self-defense and for public education on fascism, sexual abuse, and people to avoid for personal safety. The site that we use has a cap on the amount of data we can upload. This means we can only upload a certain amount of media such as pictures, audio, or video, which are critical in our articles as they show direct evidence of our claims.

We can’t afford to invest in a larger data cap. To work around this, whenever we reach the data cap we’ll archive all of our articles and provide links to them on this page. After they’ve been archived, we’ll delete all older media data in order to store new data. This means that if you click a link to an older article, the media data such as pictures may no longer appear on the page. Hence the need for this archive database containing all older articles as they originally appeared with all media data.

Additionally, all articles are archived by month in order to save time. A particular month may contain multiple articles. We’ll categorize this database by month and year (example: January 2019) and then list all article titles contained in that month.

January 2019

Violent Haleyville Rapist Dale Spain

What Is Anti-Rapism and Who Is Haleyville Anti-Rapist Action?

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February 2019

Convicted Sex Offenders in the Area

Violent Haleyville Sexual Assaulter Billy Valentine

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April 2019

Identity Evropa Member, South Dakota Farmer “Der Seeteufel” AKA Andrew Wietgrefe

Michael Hill – League of the South

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May 2019

Howard Goodloe Sutton, Publisher of Democrat-Reporter: Racist, Anti-Semitic KKK Supporter

Alabama Ex-Marine and Identity Evropa Member “The Lion”, Jake Purvis

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June 2019

Carbon Hill, Alabama Mayor Mark Chambers Wants to Kill Out LGBT+ People, Abortion Advocates, and Socialists

Corey Middleton, AKA “Hambonesfury”: Alabama Resident, Heathen/Asatru Fascist

Caitlin Phillips, AKA “Harleen Kekzel”: From “SJW” to Christian Kekistan Fascist

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August 2019

Recognizing Fascist, Racist, and White Supremacist Recruiting on Campus

David Hamby, Sexual Assaulter

On Fascism and the Designation of “Antifa” as a Domestic Terrorist Group

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October 2019

Neo-Nazi Dakota Estes of Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Jasper, Alabama Neo-Nazi Tattoo Artists Clint Chappell and Brian Waid of Expert Ink

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November 2019

Iron March Leaks: William Strom Spigner of Rainsville, Alabama

Iron March Leaks: Charles Matthew Halliday of Mobile Alabama, Atomwaffen Division Chapter Leader of Alabama

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