Identity Evropa Member, South Dakota Farmer “Der Seeteufel” AKA Andrew Wietgrefe

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Recently, Unicorn Riot has released a large number of Discord logs containing chats between various fascists and neo-Nazis of different groups. Within these logs, racist and fascist members of groups such as Identity Evropa, Patriot Front, Traditionalist Worker Party, League of the South, Atomwaffen Division, and others can be seen organizing violent events and rallies such as the deadly 2017 Unite the Right rally. As a result of the recent Identity Evropa Discord leaks, various antifascist groups have been on a campaign of exposing members using the hashtag #IdentifyEvropa. Identity Evropa has since rebranded as American Identity Movement. Today, we’re exposing Identity Evropa member Andrew Wietgrefe.

Racist and Misogynistic Discord Posts

In the chats, Andrew went by the username @Der Seeteufel – SD. “SD” in the name refers to South Dakota and he can be seen posting in the chats numerous times that he is from there. On the very first page of all his posts, he can be seen commenting in the Charlottesville server. He admits therein that he was an attendant of Unite the Right and that he and Identity Evropa members hung around the group Vanguard America–the group that Nazi terrorist James Alex Fields Jr. was with when he plowed his car into a crowd of people. He even mentioned that he talked with Richard Spencer, one of the slated speakers for the rally, and he calls him “a great guy.” 

He slips up right off the bat by, after talking about his involvement in Charlottesville, mentioning his employment information and talking specifically about his line of work–working at a tractor parts manufacturer. He was also kind enough to post pictures all throughout the logs of his workplace and the equipment he uses, even posting clear pictures of himself. He boasts there about not being worried about showing his face because he works at an undoxxable job. Related to his job, he mentions in the style of “white pilling”–used to refer to manipulating a narrative to get others to favor “white identity interests”–that due to his “high agency” status, his shift’s head of maintenance encouraged him to apply for a maintenance tech position that was almost guaranteed. 

Among his messages, he demonstrates himself to be a racist. He states that he found a Christian church where a member was a casual racist and no one batted an eye and that this seemed to be an example of acceptable values. He also reveals here that he has experience operating nuclear reactors, something which he will later elaborate on as doing in the Navy. 

He’s a big Tucker Carlson fan too, mentioning him a few times throughout the chats, as well as his disdain for Blacks, Hispanics, and other people of color. He posts often about encouraging other white people to have white babies because he thinks the “white race” is being weeded out by diversity and multiculturalism, which, to be sure, is flatly false and smacks of misplaced victimhood. In another post, he expresses his support for racist Jared Taylor who furthers this exact idea. 

In finding out exactly who @Der Seeteufel is, it was largely helpful that he mentioned his uncle is an author and included his name: Gary Wietgrefe. Elsewhere in the chats, he mentions that his first name is Andrew. In doing some basic research, we find out that Andrew’s last name, too, is Wietgrefe. And what do you know, in searching Facebook for the name Andrew Wietgrefe we come across a profile that both matches his face from the photos he shared in the chats AND we see some of the exact same pictures he posted there of his work; we’ll get to that later.

Here, he shows us that he’s an anti-Semite and he confirms that he has Naval experience with nuclear power.

Here are some of the pictures that he posted of his job site and his line of work. Additionally here, he talks about another person who was with the group who killed himself because he got found out after Unite the Right, and he also talks about associating with neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer and helping other fascists who got doxxed by relocating them to his residence.

More on his work and racism.

He’s seen here talking about ways to dull down his fascist ideas and make them seem more palatable and innocent to “normies” or those who are outside of fascism.

Here, he posts more racist and Islamophobic drivel. He also spouts off patriarchal and misogynistic notions about women.

He mentions often that white identitarians should go to church, as it is, to him, a good place to find a date–a traditionalist white woman–with whom one could strike up a relationship with for the sake of having white children and therefore offsetting “white genocide” or “the great displacement” of white people. He says that he is of the Church of the Lutheran Confession denomination and that his pastor is fully aware of his membership in violent fascist hate group Identity Evropa, now rebranded as American Identity Movement, and is aware of the group’s participation in Charlottesville. He also specifies that, in his view, diversity of religion is a big problem in the US because he seems to advocate for a theocracy and further states that he’s fine with “church hopping” because there are a lot of “based” Christians, meaning those who lean far right or have fascist and racist tendencies. 

Here, he boasts that no one in his state voted for immigrant rights and that he got a shout out on an episode of Fash the Nation. He posts also about his uninterest with Native culture, saying that he was unimpressed with artifacts in a Native museum. He has a general loathing for anything from other cultures, and later he posts a message that mocks a Native person who was harassed. One reason why he so confidently posts such bigoted content is that he thinks he’s a true asset to his manufacturer and is therefore invulnerable, having the ability to say anything he likes that’s reprehensible without consequences. He’s also no stranger to transphobia.

In these messages, he reveals that his name is Andrew and displays more misogyny.

A Young Fascist Romance

Later on in the chats, he reveals that he was introduced to a girl in his church by way of his pastor. She lived in Australia and apparently came to the States looking for a husband. In following the chats, it seems that they met up with Andrew flying to Australia and proposing to her and later on having her move to the US. It seems a young romance has risen. Perhaps it would have been quite the wholesome love story of a farmer meeting the girl of his dreams in Australia and ending up happily married if our boy here wasn’t a hateful, racist, bigoted fascist who’s in a violent ethnonationalist group trying to purge non-white people from an imagined future ethnostate.

As seen above, we can corroborate that this is indeed Andrew as his personal Facebook includes pictures he posted in the Discord chats, such as a hat that he received in Australia and a picture of his workplace.

He also posted a picture of his truck with his tag number in full view, as well as more pictures of himself.

Contact Information

Doing some further research, it appears that Andrew is still in the Navy as an ET3–an electronics technician, third class–which it seems by military policy that membership in hate groups is strictly barred. Small wonder what military leadership thinks about a fascist in its ranks being around nuclear power plants.

We believe that either he or his co-workers may live at either of these two addresses: 12874 E Pleasant Valley Dr Aberdeen, South Dakota; 2308 20th Ave NW Aberdeen, South Dakota. Possible phone numbers: 518-867-1329 – wireless; 843-906-6031 – wireless; 605-262-0337 – landline. Email:;

This information is tentative at the moment and we will update the address and phone numbers as soon as we have more accurate information. Therefore, we encourage others to not harass residents living there.

Michael Hill – League of the South

The images in this article have been deleted to make more room for media data. See this archive to view all images.

Protect Our Communities

As an antifascist, anti-rapist collective, we expose hate and bigotry in our area in order to protect our communities. For this reason, we’re making the public aware of a violent hate group that is active in our area so that people can be informed of local threats and to cultivate safety. Here, we present a fascist organization that’s headquartered here in Alabama, the League of the South, and its violent and bigoted leader Michael Hill.

The League of the South is a violent Southern “white nationalist” fascist neo-confederate group that’s headquartered in Wetumpka, Alabama. The group is led by Michael Hill who lives in Killen. The League advocates for Southern secession and a racist version of Christian theocracy. Like other fascist movements and groups, it espouses a “white European” cultural hegemony and it refers to itself as an “identitarian” movement, meaning, it advocates for a nationalist “white identity”, an ethnostate comprised of “white people.” The League of the South’s ideology is centered on racism and romanticization of the Confederacy and Confederate symbols. Along with its white and black “X” logo, similar to the white and red Alabama flag, members can often be seen sporting the Confederate flag and protesting its removal from public spaces, as well as protesting the removal of Confederate monuments. In the same vein, the group has advocated for slavery.

Michael Hill is the leader of the League of the South. Ironically, Hill was a professor of British history at a historically black college, Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, before founding the group in 1994. Under Hill, the group has rallied for a race war and formed a paramilitary unit. Nowadays, the League can be seen spreading anti-Semitic propaganda, burning Talmuds, and throwing Hitler salutes. On August 11th and 12th, the League traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia to attend a neo-Nazi rally named Unite the Right. On the night of the 11th, the League attended a tiki torch rally there where fascists of various organizations surrounded and committed violence against a small group of protesters, and they could be heard chanting “Jews will not replace us.” The following day, August 12th, they were at Unite the Right wherein they clashed with protesters and antifascists in the streets. The event culminated with neo-Nazi terrorist James Alex Fields Jr. running his car into a crowd of people on a narrow street which killed one, Heather Heyer, and severely wounded a number of others.

After Unite the Right, the League along with other violent fascists that attended were subjected to a prominent blowback of the violent event in the media and were widely doxxed by antifascists. Salient examples include members of the military who attended being outed and discharged.

Recently as a result of the fallout of Charlottesville where fascists have been widely fired from their jobs and deplatformed, the League has gathered secretly in places to hold quick demonstrations and photoshoots without an audience, presumably so that they won’t draw the attention of antifascist activists and have these quick events shut down. The League has become largely weakened but they’re still active and they’re still organizing in our communities. The League has its national headquarters in Wetumpka, Alabama and the building is operated as a sort of church where unassuming casual racists and fascists, such as your next door neighbor or uncle or family friend, gather.

Here’s what we know about Michael Hill: he lives at 146 Bridgewood Dr. Killen, Alabama 35645; his possible phone numbers are 256-757-8287 and 205-553-4624. The national headquarters is located at 12868 AL-53.