David Hamby, Sexual Assaulter

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We Believe Survivors!

Our fundamental guiding principle is that we believe survivors. It’s incredibly important to listen to victims, the abused, and the oppressed in the age of Trump and Kavanaugh, where victim-blaming and rape culture are normalized. Our community is fighting back by exposing rapists and sexual abusers while defending victims. If you’re a rapist or sexual abuser and you live in our community, we’re coming for you.

Sexual Harassment and Assault

Meet David Hamby. David is 52 years old, is married to Jamie Hamby, and works at Kith Kitchens in Haleyville, Alabama and, while he’s working, he likes to sexually harass and assault his coworkers. His repulsive behavior includes making sexually explicit remarks toward younger women and even escalating to inappropriately, physically putting his hands on them. Further, David will put these younger women into vulnerable and sexual positions in the job place, making them feel unsafe.

This inappropriate, repugnant behavior has been formally reported to job supervisors and job authorities, however, they have taken no action, merely hand-waving the issue away by calling David’s behavior “a joke,” “no big deal,” and “nothing to get offended over.” Let’s be clear: sexually abusive behavior of any kind is oppressive, threatening, dangerous, and unequivocally disgusting, and by supervisors and other superiors taking no action is systematic protection of sexual abusers and systematic normalizing of rape culture.

We exist to protect victims and survivors and to expose violent sexual abusers, fascists, racists, and bigots of all stripes. We’re appalled and indignant about David’s behavior and Kith’s complicity in allowing sexual abuse to flourish. It’s clear that David is a danger to the community, so we’re releasing his doxx so that the public can be educated and be proactive in avoiding him for their safety.

David Hamby:
Current address: 235 Quarter Rd Hackleburg, AL 35564
Last known phone number: (205) 935-8556
Employment: Kith Kitchens; 280 North Industrial Loop Haleyville, Alabama
Kith Kitchens phone number: (205) 485-2261

On the Trial of Double Springs Middle School Teacher and Rapist Jarod Chase Cantrell

The images in this article have been deleted to make more room for media data. See this archive to view all images.

In 2017, Double Springs Middle School teacher, Chase Cantrell, was arrested on school grounds for engaging in sexual acts with a 15-year-old student. At some time before Chase’s arrest, he had entered through a window of the student while their family was home. A parent noticed his truck on the property and called the police. He faced charges of committing sex acts with a student under 16, statutory rape, and third-degree burglary.

His case was evidently ongoing up until February 21st, 2019, where the judge granted a mistrial motion due to two violations of a court order. The court order excluded utterances of the word “rape” “except in wording used to describe actual filed charges and during opening statements and closing arguments. This also meant the word ‘rape’ was not to be used in witness statements.” Additionally, the court order suppressed all confessions, statements, and admissions from Chase during and immediately after his arrest in 2017, due to his Miranda rights allegedly not being explained.

The two violations of the court order are as follows: A police officer, Tim Hale, was called to the witness stand, and his testimony consisted of the word “rape” which violated the court order. During a cross-examination, the State had asked Chase about a prior statement he made, which was suppressed by the court order.

The mistrial resulted from these statements being uttered and due to potential prejudice on the part of the jury as a consequence of them. The court document states,

The State’s actions greatly prejudiced the Defendant’s Sixth Amendment right to a fair trial guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Due to the totality of the circumstances, the Defendant’s motion for mistrial was due to be granted…The possibility of a guilty person, charged with serious offenses, potentially escaping punishment weighs heavy on the conscience of the Court. But the possibility of an innocent person being convicted because the trial was not fair, is far worse.

A statement from the Winston County District Attorney’s Office reads,

The Office of the District Attorney will evaluate this ruling, moving forward as appropriate. In doing so, we will continue to protect the rights of Alabama crime victims.

A comment made by Chase’s lawyer, Stella J. Wennberg, says,

My client was looking forward to having his name cleared regarding these allegations and moving on with his life.  However, there is nothing more important to a criminal defendant than the right to a fair trial, and I will continue to do everything in my power to protect that right for Chase.

So, let’s unpack what just took place. There was a court order instituted which prohibited any use of the word “rape” and which suppressed any statement or confession from Chase during and immediately after his arrest in 2017 due to his Miranda rights not being explained. Both points of the court order were violated which resulted in a mistrial because of concern that the jury would then be prejudiced against Chase. Read this part again: the defense issued a court order against the word “rape” (and Chase’s 2017 statements during arrest) because they didn’t want the jury to be biased against a rapist who snuck through a window of a 15-year-old student and committed statutory rape. 

This is corroborated by an issue of newspaper Northwest Alabamian

This is patently, unequivocally, systematic protection of a rapist by the State. The court document states concern about “fairness” in this legal system and negating prejudice–as if it were unfair to call a literal rapist a rapist, one who sneaks into 15-year-olds’ bedrooms. The Winston County District Attorney’s Office feigns concern about protecting victims while being complicit in the protection of a rapist. The defense lawyer, Stella J. Wennberg, is utterly and wholly guilty of aiding a rapist escaping punishment and having his name cleared, all while pontificating about so-called fairness–that it’s just so unfair for a rapist to be called a rapist and to face responsibility for his actions. Above all, this is repugnant, morally bankrupt, and oppressive to actual victims. This is the systematic practice by the State of rape culture. 

Well, we don’t accept the ruling of a mistrial. There was clear evidence of sexual abuse by Chase starting when he decided to climb through the window of a 15-year-old. We can’t count on the State to punish abusers or protect victims, especially when it’s a corrupt project that actively protects abusers. The defense and protection of our communities are up to us; we protect us. Therefore, we’re releasing Chase’s doxx.

Contact Info Updated 6/21/2019

Social media: You can find his Facebook right here (archive). He also has a Twitter (archive) that was last updated May 2019.

Address: Chase is married to Kelsy R. Cantrell (maiden name is Alexander). Chase’s last known address as of his arrest date is 16062 County Road 41
Addison, AL 35540-2214. However, this may be inaccurate as his current residence. His wife lives at 502 7th NE St Carbon Hill, AL 35549-412. Because they are married it is presumed that they live with each other in Carbon Hill.

Phone number: (205) 412-3297.

What Is Anti-Rapism and Who Is Haleyville Anti-Rapist Action?

Rapism is the belief that rape is morally acceptable and/or justifiable and that consent does not matter. It views the targets of rape, its victims, that is, usually cisgender women, as being not bodily autonomous and as being not a fully human agent. Rapism gives rise to rape culture. One of the characteristics of rapism is the transphobic exclusion of transgender people from their gender identity, for example, the prominent narrative heard in far-right spaces that says a trans woman is nothing more than a “man in a dress.” This is transphobia, and the argument is often supplemented by the conflation that trans people are themselves pedophiles, rapists, and sexual abusers. But what takes this further into rapism is the view that, in this trans exclusion, trans people deserve to be used, abused, and raped, and that they likewise are not fully human and have no bodily autonomy. This transphobic exclusion is prominent in trans-exclusionary radical feminists or what we call “TERFs.” Therefore, rapism is a violent and predatory ideology that negates and violates its targets’ personhood and it normalizes this behavior, which in turn, fosters a culture of rape.

Salient examples of people perpetrating this culture of rape include male supremacists Roosh V. and Mike Cernovich. (As a brief aside, watch this video on Pick Up Artistry which deals with Roosh and rape culture.)

As such, anti-rapism is against rapism and the culture of rape that it cultivates. Anti-rapism is guided by a fundamental principle that says “We believe survivors.” and it supports a culture of consent, bodily autonomy, and self-defense against physical abuse and toxic metaphysical views that view people as non-fully human agents who are deserving of rape. Anti-rapism is supportive of both cisgender and transgender victims of rape (who identify as male or female) as well as non-binary victims of rape (who don’t identify as either male or female or who identify as something else or in any combination).

Therefore, anti-rapist action consists of direct actions that aid victims and defend against abusers. Some such actions are tracking, keeping tabs on, and exposing rapists and sexual assaulters in local communities so the public can be aware of the abuser and take actions that ensure public safety. Anti-rapist action is squarely self-defense. Haleyville Anti-Rapist Action is a collective of anonymous and autonomous individuals that monitor and expose rapists and sexual abusers in their community.